Tips for Helping Your Small Business Stand Apart From the Competition

Tips for Helping Your Small Business Stand Apart From the Competition


Black sheep among white ones. Dare to be different, standing out from crowd, be yourself conceptIt can be a challenge to run a small business. Making your business stand out is one of the many challenges that you may face. However, there are some things that you can do to make your business stand out.

Create a Great Website

The vast majority of businesses today have a website. However, the wrong type of website can turn potential customers away. You should make sure that it is easy for your website to use. It should be easy for customers to go from page to page. They should also know how they can get in touch with you via the website. Visit an Indianapolis rug cleaning service to see a great website in action. 

It is also important for you to have a mobile-friendly website. Most web searches are done from a mobile phone.

Offer Excellent Customer Service

A survey showed that 33 percent of people will go to another business if they are not happy with the customer service that they receive. The market is competitive, so you do not want to lose out on potential customers because of bad customer service. Seventy-six percent of customers stated that they will return to a business if it offers great customer service.

Customers who are happy may also give you a great online review. Eighty-four percent of customers stated that a positive online review will encourage them to use the business.

Aim to go above and beyond for your customers. Ask them for their input. If you get a complaint, then you should handle it as soon as you can.

Use Unorthodox Promotions

It is common to see promotions for things like “buy one, get one free, or buy one and get 50 percent off. You can make your promotions more unique by saying you can get 55 percent off of a purchase. You can also have promotions during odd times of the year.

Study Your Competition

It is hard to know what you need to do to stand out if you don’t know who your competition is. You should find out more about your competitors and what they offer. You can make adjustments in your own business based on what your competition is doing.

Reward Your Customers for Being Loyal

Customers want to know that their loyalty is appreciated. You can give them rewards for making a certain number of purchases. For example, if they make a certain number of purchases, then you can give them 50 percent off of their next purchase.